Follow the on-screen prompts to download and open the ‘Zoom Launcher’. Enter your University username in the format requested and password. This is a simple guide to get started with Zoom.

Meetings recorded to the cloud are available on Zoom servers and can be shared with anyone. Once the video has processed, Zoom sends an email to the host containing a shareable link. The host can also find this link and other recordings at See below for the three options to record your meeting to the cloud. If you are unable to download your own cloud storage recordings on your local device, please submit a request to , and we can help transfer files to your preferred online storage.

Method 1: The Best Way To Capture Video Calls On Mac And Windows OS

The service is outstanding, and the app is very easy to use. To leave a meeting, all you have to do is tap the screen and then tap the exit button in the top right corner. ZOOM Cloud Meetings also allows you to schedule meetings. To do this, tap the Schedule button from the main window, fill out the necessary information , and then tap Schedule. Once you have people in the meeting , you can easily switch between viewing different attendees by tapping on their icon at the bottom of the screen.

If you need to record a Zoom meeting using a Chromebook and you are a faculty, student, or staff with Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, you will need to be granted cloud access. For cloud access, you must first sign into your Zoom account. Improve your overall Zoom client performance by not running other computer applications during meetings that might also be using a large share of your bandwidth.

  • Check to make sure your headphones are plugged into your computer.
  • When you click ‘Schedule’, you will be redirected to the Google Calendar web app.
  • If this type of software is installed on your computer, avoid using that computer for anything personal, no matter how mundane that thing may seem.
  • About the mobile versions, Zoom is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

Whether you’re in the middle of a meeting or not, the chat option can be deactivated in Zoom. There is also a chat feature in Zoom, where you can type messages to other participants. Participants can send messages to everyone in the meeting, or just certain participants. However, after the meeting, the host can view the transcript of all chats, so it’s not entirely private. If there is a message for you in the chat, a notification appears on the Chat button, which looks like a speech bubble. Zoom Roomsis a more advanced software offering available on a subscription basis.

You can also connect another Zoom account with another third-party service, sync your contacts with a third-party service, or use the Zoom app on your phone to view your phone’s contacts. It is also possible to use a channel to communicate with a group. By default, direct messages can only be sent to channel members if they are already in your contact directory. In the All Contacts section of the Zoom contact directory, you can find internal users that you have added to the same Zoom account and organisation. You should then see your Zoom cloud recordings within this folder. If you use Panopto through D2L, please access Panopto via one of your D2L courses by clicking on the UA Tools link in your course navbar and select Panopto.

Pro Tip #5: Engaging Your Audience By Having Them Annotate Your Zoom Presentation

Click on the red line and start dragging it to select the recording sections you want to omit. Import your Zoom recording by clicking and dragging the recording to the area in the middle section of your page. You can also select the box in the middle portion of your page, and select your recording in your files. Right-click on the sections of the recording and select the “Clip Speed” option. This will open a dialog box, where you’ll be able to adjust the speed of the sections.

Find keywords in the text using the search bar at the top of the transcript panel, and select phrases to jump to that section of video. After the meeting, you will receive an email with a link to the cloud recording, then a second one with a link to access the transcript. Alternatively, navigate to your previous meetings in the web portal on the My Recordings page.