According to the White House, border patrol agents seized nearly 15,000 pounds of fentanyl last year. His plan to stem the flow includes working with international partners to disrupt the global fentanyl production supply chain. He plans to focus on seizing chemical ingredients for the drug before it reaches communities while also getting tough traffickers.

The Bachelorette

It’s kind of funny that the same genre that spawned Love Is Blind brought us Terrace House, a Real World–esque reality show with drama so subtle and tame that one of the franchise’s biggest, teariest moments revolved around stolen meat. Terrace House has been lauded for casting contestants you can actually root for with conflicts that are actually resolved in a calm, mature manner. Plus the show has a panel of commentators who share their opinions on all the house drama as it unfolds. Just imagine a season’s worth of Vanessa Lachey’s thoughts on Shake.

Nell begins to fall for the guy she is paired with, then he leaves and her purse is missing. She suspects it was the guy she was paired to sit with, but the owners son doesn’t believe it was him, and he and his fellow co-worker try to find out what happened, resulting in his fellow co-worker getting fired by the owner, Mr. Pappalardo. When Nell is sick at home and the Chief going off to Los Angeles for a meeting, he calls his mother to help out around the house. She shuns away Katie’s new boyfriend since he has pink hair, puts garlic on everyone because she doesn’t want them to catch Nell’s sickness, and feeds the family lamb with goat’s intestines.

Luckily, there’s no shortage of dating shows that feature scheming singles, love triangles and squares, and beautiful people tearfully trying to find their person. From Love Is Blind’s international spinoffs to gems from the early aughts to lots and lots of Love Island, here’s everything to watch next. While at “Max’s Delicatessen”, Nell and Max see a girl shoplifting. Nell saves her from being arrested, telling Max she is taking her home.

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Annie, Elise, Brenda and Cynthia were college friends and were separated after their graduation. Years later, Cynthia commits suicide after her husband leaves her for someone younger. At her funeral, the remaining friends reunite and discover that each of their lives has been haunted by a younger woman for whom their husbands have left them, or will leave them. Fearing that their lives might turn out like Cynthia’s, they decide to get their revenge on the husbands. Hosted byQueer Eye’s Tan France and fashion It girl Alexa Chung, this fashion show will feature a group of designers competing to win challenges each week. The 10-episode series will end with one lucky person walking away with $250,000 and seeing their first collection live on Net-a-Porter.

According to fashion experts, women are planning to rock matching shoes while celebrating the holiday with their best gal pals. Despite the uptempo beat, .Paak addresses the events that took place in the spring and summer of 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic when it came to the wave of Black Lives Matter protests and Black lives lost at the hands of police. This track won “Best Melodic Rap Performance” at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards. The couple buried him Feb. 1 at an emotional funeral attended by Vice President Kamala Harris. Five Black officers were charged with murder for brutally beating to death the father of a 4-year-old son for no apparent reason after a traffic stop. The outburst underscored the challenge ahead for the Biden administration.

Sam realizes that Eric dumped her, and Professor Dudley has campus security escort Nell off campus for interfering with his son’s career choice of being a fashion designer and getting into everyone’s personal lives at the college. But even as they’ve attempted to shake off the story line the show created for them, they’ve landed in an influencer ecosystem with its own conventions and expectations. The summer of 2020 was a particularly strange time to start building a professional brand as an interracial couple. As Lauren struggled to process emotionally what was happening in the country, she was pelted with requests from social-media followers to comment on police brutality and anti-Black racism. Some of these requests came from white people in an interracial relationship seeking advice on how to support the Black people in their life. “It added a sense of pressure; people were looking to me like, Lauren, you have to say something.

Prior to its launch, the show was receiving significant press, with articles by Vogue and The Atlantic claiming that this is “the future of queer dating shows.” And the show was great. It was informative, with episodes featuring deep conversations about sexuality and gender, and it was just as drama-filled as any other reality show I’d seen before. And most importantly, while the contestant’s queerness may have been used as a marketing tactic, it was never a gimmick, a joke, or a trick played on its contestants or its viewer. If you thought Bachelor was a time commitment, wait until you get into Love Island. This show is on every single weeknight , and there are U.K., Australian, and American versions, so you could probably spend a year watching this show alone.

That was the basis of the early-2000s show “For Love or Money.” It lasted four seasons and was habit-forming. She played matchmaker for wealthy singles looking for a mate via her Beverly Hills-based “Millionaire’s Club” service on Bravo’s “The Millionaire Matchmaker” from 2008 to 2015. Local-language digital series are also in the works, including Comedy Central’s “Mini Mocks” in Germany, Italy, Poland, Africa and Asia and season 2 of “Commentary Roast” in Italy, Germany, Africa, and Asia.

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MTV Latin America will also launch a slate of digital-first companion series to support hit TV shows “Acapulco Shore,” “Resistire,” and “De Férias com o Ex” in 2022. At this time, LaBelle has yet to reveal the name of her special someone. On Tuesday (Feb. 7), host Jennifer Hudson asked if LaBelle if she any plans to start dating again. Sabrina’s friends scramble to get her released on bail, Karen learns the identity of her baby’s father, and Calvin loses his temper on an unrepentant Que. Cora, Efe and Anastasia question Mr. Brown’s new girlfriend’s intentions, while Sandra plots the perfect plan to sneak out for a college party.

Biden vowed to defend social safety net programs, like SNAP and TANF, that low-income households depend on, as the GOP attempts to leverage the debt ceiling crisis to cut benefits. In 2021, the legislative effort to negotiate policing reform collapsed in the evenly divided Senate, despite the groundswell of support in the wake of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin’s murder of George Floyd in 2020. The president was upbeat, touting his economic successes days after employers added 517,000 jobs in January, according to the Labor Department’s report on Friday.

And it can act as a way to provide queer representation outside of scripted TV and Film in the ever-popular sector of reality television. Perhaps the show began a domino effect in its legacy that we won’t see the benefits of until years later, but until now, I’ll be rewatching this show for my fourth time, waiting for the world to catch up. Hanging With the Hamiltons rarely addresses the races of its creators. ” Even a video in which they see “what our future baby will look like” ends up being more of a comment on the eeriness of apps that use such predictive software than anything deeper. They remain wary of further magnifying the racial dynamics in their relationship that Love Is Blind exaggerated. “The biggest thing from my perspective is that we’re a real couple and we don’t pander to notions like, let’s focus on how cool it is that we’re Black and white,” Cameron said.

While Nell is out getting the Chief’s clothes cleaned; Addy Wilson, Nell’s childhood friend, arrives at the house. She meets the girls, and reveals Nell’s full name, Nellie Ruth. When Nell comes home, she is intrigued by Addy, and begins to think Addy considers her as a woman who is illiterate and failed in her singing career, and is now a housekeeper. Nell then goes to night school to get her diploma, but as fate would have it, Addy is teaching the class, and Nell instantly drops out. In the end, Nell flips out when Addy comes over and then the two reconcile, after a misunderstanding where Nell thought Addy said she was illegitimate is cleared up.