The more resentment and anger you feel towards her, the more it will affect your life. Try and work towards forgiving her and let go of your anger. If you chose to end the friendship, most people would understand you. If the friendship is special and worth keeping, the two of you will find a way back to each other eventually.

Think about what you will say to them and how you are going to ask them. Do think about how this will affect your friendship. Many factors come into play when deciding whether or not it’s okay to date your friend’s ex. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 197,565 times.

You aren’t completely sure about how you feel

Here there was a clear gap of time and each party showed respect by discussing the relationship openly. If your friend jumps into the relationship right after your breakup or doesn’t discuss it with you, there are more problems in your friendship than you might think. When considering whether or not to date your friend’s ex. You need to use your own judgment to assess the situation. You also need to realize that dating them could make things difficult in your friendship.

You and your friend are super close.

With some good time apart and serious therapy, perhaps it could work. It would also help if you’ve both been seeing other people and still end up choosing each other. Also, avoid trash-talking your ex or gossiping about him with your current bae. This could create problems between your ex and his friend.

It’s very easy for a situation like your best friend dating your ex to rule your thinking. You may have feelings of anger, jealousy, or maybe even feel depressed at the prospect of them both being together. While the feelings and emotions involved with breaking up with your ex may be firmly in your past. They can come back to trouble you and re-emerge when you find out your best friend is dating your ex. Some people will not be able to handle friendship with an ex, it will work for others. I am in touch with 2 of my exes, and they are great friends, for whom I retain love, affection, and friendly intimacy.

Before you try to do that, you need to understand that your best friend doesn’t want to be reasoned with nor reminded how to be a decent human being. He or she already knows that and is perfectly capable of making layMatures decisions on his or her own. Either your friend apologizes, shows respect, and stops dating your ex—or you distance yourself from both of them so that you can heal from the breakup and move on with your life.

You probably have a good idea how your friend will react, so think of ways to avoid their pain points and not get into an argument. Explain why your friendship means a lot to you, but also why you like their ex. Before acting on your feelings, you should definitely give it some time to see if they are genuine. You might just have a little crush that will pass in a week, or you are into someone you can’t possibly have a future with. Write down a list of reasons why you and your ex broke up.

But there are two ex-boyfriends who hold a special place in my heart because even though I know it could never work between us, I recognize the impact we each had in each other’s lives. I would be happy if they found new happiness, but it would be too odd if it were with a close friend of mine. That would mean I might run into one of them occasionally and see him look at my friend the same way he once looked at me. You need to weigh the value of your friendship with the woman vs. the amount of love, commitment and investment you had in your relationship with your ex-boyfriend.

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Well, this totally depends on you and your feelings. If you have gotten over your ex and probably are happy with the way your life is after the breakup, then you can give the green signal to your friend. However, if the situation is opposite and you still love your ex, then probably your friend must avoid dating your ex.

Too often, women become territorial, trying to mark our men as if past loves are actually possessions that we own for life. If you have moved on from this person, you really should not take issue with who they are with now. But now I realize this rule really needs more thought, because I believe there are two factors to consider before answering my girlfriend’s Facebook question. However, the one thing that seems to be the unwritten rule among us is that we would never even consider dating our friends’ exes. The last thing you want to do is lose a friend over an ex. Respectfully tell your friend how you feel and then be supportive.

But before you jump back into the friendship, you should do some healing and work on yourself. When you are in a better place, you can start and slowly rekindle the friendship. Even if your friend says its okay they really don’t feel that way.