Astrology helps us break down personality traits, pet peeves, and, yes, even dating patterns. It can be fun and informative to look up his sign and how yours works with his. She can have contrasting behaviors, and this could change within moments. This is one of the biggest reasons for breakups in a Gemini relationship. While dating a Gemini woman, you have to be on your toes. You have to learn to accept her unpredictability and match her excitement.

Hit on Gemini: Laws You Shouldn’t Break

When your Gemini woman starts finding happiness and excitement away from you, it may be a reason for concern. This often leads to conflict and a breakup with a Gemini woman. She might even start looking outside your relationship for someone to fulfill her desire for excitement. In this case, you will either have to work hard to rectify your mistake or simply walk away.

Alternating between silly, sweet, and serious, this book is filled with deep dives into the mind of everyone whose birth chart you can get your hands on. Driven by natural curiosity, Gemini’s sexual traits can be surprising and ever-changing. Many Gemini women can be on the shy side, hesitating to explore the fullness of their fantasies.

Gemini Woman Good Traits

Almost every Gemini woman in a relationship tends to understand her partner. She knows how to listen and find the right words to describe her feelings. This is what makes these ladies incredible friends even after a breakup of the romantic relationship. Libra is also an air sign, but they’re perhaps the most grounded out of the three.

Gemini is a mutable air sign whereas Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign, the Gemini woman Sagittarius man compatibility gets an ONE Heart rating. Together, the Gemini woman Sagittarius man love match has all the fire and energy to last a lifetime provided they overcome their differences. Though the Gemini woman and Sagittarius man marriage is a harmonious one, there can be some obstacles along the way.

While other factors could have contributed to this, not many of them are as overlooked as we often do star sign compatibility. Today it’s precisely the Virgo and Gemini compatibility we are exploring. The only place the Gemini woman Sagittarius man compatibility may waver is in their appreciation of different aspects of their lovemaking. She spiritually experiences the sex, while he’s more primal. A Gemini woman can have multiple sexual interests if she isn’t truly invested in you emotionally.

The Gemini woman is always on the move, both physically and mentally. If you want to be with her, get prepared and arm yourself with a lot of energy. She’ll probably want to get frisky in a public place too, so get ready for some serious adventures with her. The sophisticated side of a Gemini woman will always prefer the theater or the cinema.

A Gemini woman is highly intellectual, and this is an attribute that would attract a Virgo man. Granted, their intelligence is in different ballparks; they are both still able to connect on an emotional level. Hence, the best bet of a Gemini woman attracting a Virgo Man as a lover would be through mental connection. It could also help to suppress her spontaneous and childish side for the time being. The key to solving is understanding men on a much deeper emotional level.

If Cancer falls in love deeply enough, they will understand what their Gemini partner needs, and won’t hold them back even if they wished for them to be different. However, the main characteristic of Gemini is their curiosity. It will lead them in all directions, they will feel the need to try everything and find more new, exciting experiences to share with someone.

If they find the language that is understandable to both of them, they may be able to agree on how their love life progresses. Gemini is a masculine and assertive sign while Virgo is a feminine and sensitive sign. This combination complements each other and though their sex life may be lacking in some department, it will not prevent them from getting sweet romance. A Virgo man may criticize a Gemini woman for being too laid-back and flirtatious while a Gemini woman can tell him he thinks too much and is no fun. These changes will become easily noticeable in the very beginning of their relationship.

Gemini Hookup

However, Gemini women also have some weaknesses, which include being fickle and indecisive, and they can also be a bit chatty at times. If you’re in a relationship with a Gemini woman, it’s important to remember that they need their independence. If you’re looking for a Gemini female, your best bet is to look in places where there is a lot of creativity and intellectual stimulation. They are a bright conversationalist and there are different ways to find them but some good places to start include art galleries, libraries, and bookstores. They like to try different things that aren’t always in their comfort zones. This can make her seem distant, but that’s not her intent; she’s just thinking about what she can do next.

This can be hard for most partners and is often a cause of conflict. As an air sign, she is always curious about unexplored places and looking for adventures. If she finds you to be someone who can’t match her eagerness for a thrill, she will ignore you and move on. One of the first things she will notice about you is whether or not she can find stimulation in your relationship. If you turn out anything less than that, she will label you as boring.

She is potentially loyal, but easily distracted

Once you do, you’ll find there is a subtle thing you can say that to him that will drastically change how he shows his emotions towards you. But, despite both of them being skilled at it, their fundamental differences will make it a challenge. The Virgo’s patience may lead them to see where it goes, but the Gemini’s short attention span might just provoke their practicality to overrule.