Given that, it may be that white male nurses try to maintain their racial and gendered advantages, and actively exclude black men from opportunities to advance. If so, this opportunity hoarding is compounded by the fact that black male nurses rarely encountered other black male colleagues who might sympathize, making the sense of isolation even more acute. Here, race and gender created experiences among black men that are more akin to the “chilly climate” that many women experience in STEM fields as they confront harassment and hostility from colleagues that leads to systemic disadvantage.

People Close to You Are Going to Say Racist Things – Speak Up

Most of their black female counterparts were single, and often voiced concern, and were the subject of conversation particularly among their mothers. In conversations with many of the black mothers, they expressed their frustration about the dating and marriage prospects of their daughters, while the black mothers with sons noted that the males were pursued by women of various racial/ethnic groups. Now in their late 40s, it is not surprising that many of the black males eventually married outside of the race or were involved in long term relationships and had children, while their black female counterparts either remained single or married much later in life (late 30s to early 40s). Moreover, for some of the black women who eventually married, they were the second wives of their black husbands, oftentimes becoming stepmothers and/or married to men who were not from the middle to upper middle class in which they had grown up.

Recently, some commentators have tried to revive McCarthy’s reputation because it became apparent after the Cold War ended in 1991 that the Soviets indeed had spies throughout the U.S. government and were influential in the Communist Party USA (CPUSA). Both the Americans and Soviets, in fact, infiltrated each other’s governments, nuclear research, militaries, and intelligence agencies. There was the aforementioned Fuchs and, as we saw in Chapter 13, David Greenglass passed critical information to his brother-in-law, Julius Rosenberg. Harry Dexter White in the Treasury Department, who helped shape the Free World’s post-war economic policy, was a Soviet informer during WWII (though, technically, they were then allies). Not all this came to light after the Cold War ended; a defecting Soviet spy named Elizabeth Bentley named names to the FBI in the 1940s. For reasons like these, the Texas State Board of Education pushed to vindicate McCarthy’s legacy in the states’ public schools in the early 21st century.

In this deeply personal book, the poet writes of a newly naturalized American citizen who suffers from post-concussive memory loss after a major auto accident. This collection is an odyssey of what it means to recover—physically and mentally—in the aftermath of trauma and brain injury, charting when “before” crosses into “after”. In this powerful gathering of poems about her personal “influencers,” as well as poems on a range of creators from the Dadaist Meret Oppenheim to the young choreographer Lauren Lovette, Shaughnessy dwells in the memories of the women who set her on her own artistic path. “Zara’s Rules for Living Your Best Life” (Salaam Reads) by Hena Khan and illustrated by Wastana Haikal. Ever since her grandfather retired, it seems all he wants to do is eat and sleep and Zara wonders if he’s lost his mojo. Inspired by her friend Naomi’s summer day camp adventures, Zara comes up with a plan to create a camp of her own and somehow help her grandfather start living his best life.

Appendix 183: Understanding Manipulative Mind Control and What to do About It (Part

The next day, Senator O’Connor rose on the floor of the state legislature to urge her colleagues to vote “yes” on the ERA. But the bill languished in committee and supporters of the ERA began to suspect that O’Connor was “playing games” with them (p. 80). O’Connor was ambitious, and her powerful friend Senator Barry Goldwater had made clear to her that he did not like “tampering with the Constitution” or attempting to alter “the design of the Lord by making men and women identical” (p. 81). O’Connor therefore hesitated, arguing that there were other ways to achieve equality for women. According to Thomas, O’Connor thought the nation could get to women’s equality in a less controversial manner with “a few well-chosen cases brought before the federal courts” (p. 81). As Evan Thomas reports, when O’Connor arrived at the Arizona legislature “she might as well have crashed a fraternity house on Saturday night” (p. 72).

– a nation with whom U.S. intelligence agencies have very close ties. A 1998 crime survey of England and Wales found that 12 percent of stalking victims reported being stalked by 3 perpetrators (page 25). One of the first significant works of investigative journalism about U.S. domestic counterintelligence operations in the post-Cointelpro era appeared just 7 months after the U.S. Senate’s “Church Committee” issued its final report about Cointelpro and MK Ultra.

In every case, the “enemy” is portrayed as mentally ill and “unstable,” and as vengeful and posing a serious threat toward the person whom they have ostensibly come by to “warn.” Another name of PSYOPs is MISO (Military Information Support Operations). The 226 Synonyms/Descriptions for the Organized Gangstalking-Electronic Harassment/Targeted Individual Program presented here help reveal its horrific nature and totalitarian purposes. But most of all remember that the ‘fear matrix’ within the collective consciousness of humanity is an overall target. Stand firm in a belief of your divinity and eternal being (whether you believe in a God or not) you are still part Omnipotent Grace experiencing on earth. Our minds are complex structures, our memories (long and short term), our thought processes, our fears and so on. This of course sounds like insane rantings but assuredly this is the reality humanity faces today.

Opponents of General Augusto Pinochet voted NO to remove him from power and to trigger democratic elections, while supporters (mostly from the right-wing) voted YES to keep him in office for another eight years. Additionally, many countries where the president is directly elected by the citizens (e.g. France, Poland, among others) use only one electoral district for their presidential election with the winner of the popular vote winning the position, despite using multiple districts to elect representatives. Gerrymandering should not be confused with malapportionment, whereby the number of eligible voters per elected representative can vary widely.

An academic paper written for the Air Force in the mid-1990s mentions the idea of a weapon that would use sound waves to send words into a person’s head. “The signal can be a ‘message from God’ that can warn the enemy of impending doom, or encourage the enemy to surrender,” the author concluded. In addition, the skeptical responses to the victim’s attempts to describe such harassment will almost certainly cause the victim to become intensely angry – which will further errode the victim’s mental health.

As I explain in the Gang Stalking Documents page of this website, a classified U.S. diplomatic cable published by WikiLeaks in 2010 also contained an apparent reference to the use of such tactics in Canada. U.S. law enforcement and intelligence agencies currently operate with essentially the same lack of accountability that existed during the days of COINTELPRO and MK Ultra. Following the Church Committee investigations in the 1970s efforts were made to implement policies to protect Americans from crimes by the federal government. Unfortunately, those protections have been thoroughly undone – especially by policies such as the Patriot Act enacted in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.

“When I was a rookie, I was getting a lot of offers for commercials and my black teammates, who were better, were not getting any,” he says. Bradley joined a team dominated by black superstars such as Willis Reed, Earl “The Pearl” Monroe and Walt Frazier. He was a raised in a small town in Missouri and went on to become a Rhodes Scholar, a U.S. senator and a presidential candidate. But some of the most important lessons Bill Bradley learned came on the basketball court as a player for the New York Knicks.

In some cases – for example, the infiltration and subversion of the Occupy Wall Street Movement – CI activities were performed by the FBI and by private firms. Opportunities for expansion of personal power could be just as significant a factor. For example, as government-corporate alliances such as InfraGard and DSAC are formed, participants in organized stalking can exploit the system for their own personal vendettas. For more of my analysis of how individuals are chosen as targets for gang stalking, see my May 28, 2013 entry in the “Gang Stalking News” section of this website, in which I explain my inferences from the fact that certain types of people are not chosen as gang stalking targets. That website is an account by a divorce attorney in Florida of his gang stalking – which was apparently initiated in retaliation for angering a senior official of a local county sheriff’s office. In theory, organized stalking (counterintelligence subversion) could be used against someone by an individual or a corporation in one of several ways.